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Colombia Caldas Montebonito

Colombia Caldas Montebonito

The Caldas growing region is located just south of Antioquia and is geographically small. The only source of income for the area is from agriculture -- coffee being the largest crop, but avocados, bananas, and sugar cane also important. Montebonito ("beautiful mountain") is a small mountain town, 5000 feet above sea level, known for growing some of the best coffee in all of Caldas. We originally bought this planning on branding it as our roasted "Traditional Colombia" but it's simply not "traditional" enough! It has lively acidity, sweet peach undertones, and too much complexity to ever be called "traditional." It's a great Colombia coffee.

Full City, not quite into the 2nd cracks, is probably where you want to go. You'll notice peach/apricot with hints of cherry. I really enjoy the balance of acidity with body and flavor here and this is my sweet spot. Really nice mug of coffee (and this coming from someone who doesn't get too excited about Colombian coffee) There are some mild caramel notes, mild milk chocolate, and medium body. Overall sweetness, no bitterness, and clean aftertaste.

Now take it just into the 2nd cracks and the acidity goes away, but you still have some peach flavor. The coffee is beginning to get an edge of bitterness at this level, but it's still flavorful and interesting and sweet enough to drink black.

Take it 30 seconds into the 2nd cracks and you have a solid french roast. You get more of a roast flavor, with just hints of chocolate and very smooth -- not acidic. You can drink it straight or with cream. A step above inexpensive Colombia roasted to this level.

USA Arrival 6/2017

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