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Colombia Calda Pink Bourbon Natural

Colombia Calda Pink Bourbon Natural

Colombia is making great strides in traceability, quality, and responsible farming. This microlot came from the Calda region via the La Cristalina farm (farmer Luis Jose Valdes).  Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of yellow bourbon and red bourbon and you have to plant it from seed and wait three years. It doesn't produce much and it doesn't live very long and grows really tall which makes it hard to pick. It's hard to know when to harvest because the fruit is pink when it's ripe, and with other coffees, pink means unripe. If you wait for this one to turn red it has spoiled. 

Pink Bourbon coffee has a taste that is wonderful. Hardly tastes like coffee. It tastes like blackberry lemonade. Like candied flower petals. I don't know how to describe it. It was dried under the sun, so it's a natural process bean and has to be roasted really light -- barely out of the end of 1st cracks -- we use an Ethiopia roasting profile.

Maybe it's not the most amazing coffee you've ever tasted, but it really is worth experimenting with and has a crazy amount of labor and passion behind it. We are tasting berries, flowers, citrus, sugar. Everything about this coffee is so cool. It's fun to brew it for friends to see their reaction when they drink it. It's not cheap, but it's a labor of love.

US Arrival September 2023

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