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Colombia Agustino Forest

Colombia Agustino Forest

This is an offering from a small co-op in the Huila region by about 800 farmers. The coffee is grown at 3000-4000 foot altitude under full shade. This coffee has quite a following over on the West coast of the United States, but I had never had the chance to try it. We got a sample of it from a California importer and decided it was good enough that we should bring it over for the East Coast to enjoy as well.

Colombian coffee beans -- the really good lots -- tend to get lost amongst the millions of bags of ordinary beans, and the small farmers are doing what they can to stand out when they really have a good harvest. This is an example of a Colombian coffee that is far above average quality.

My favorite roast of this is just at verge of 2nd cracks. It has a molasses sweetness that I haven't tasted in another coffee before. A buttery mouthfeel, reminds me of taffy. Sweet, not bitter. Pleasant in every way. Add to the fact that the coffee bushes are surrounded by the ancient forest of the Andean Mountain range, and it's the most special mug of Colombia we've seen in a while. We've just been drinking it as coffee, but it seems to work nicely in espresso as well as any other coffee brewing method. You can also roast it dark (45 seconds of 2nd cracks) to get a nice french roast.

USA arrival December 2016

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