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Brazil Minas Gerais Araponga

Brazil Minas Gerais Araponga

Brazil coffee first and foremost shines as espresso. If you have an aeropress or espresso machine, Brazil should be one of the coffees you keep around, and since this is a single-farmer, single-varietal, natural process bean, it is fruity, clean, sweet, and delcious!

This Brazil comes from a single estate (Sitio do Bone) in the Minas Gerais region grown by Raimundo Martins. It is Yellow Catui varietal. The village is known as Araponga.

As espresso we are getting bing cherry, tropical fruit, plum, and cocoa at a medium roast level.  I like it roasted right around 15-20 seconds into 2nd cracks for espresso.

US Arrival March 2022

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