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Brazil Gerezim

Brazil Gerezim

This natural processed microlot from Brazil makes a stupendous shot of espresso. We roast it about 30 seconds into the 2nd cracks (not as dark as our normal Brazil espresso roast) and end up with a shot of espresso that is soft and creamy with lots of crema. When made as espresso, it has a chocolate and slight cascara (coffee fruit) taste, but no bitterness and very sweet. You could drink 10 of these if you weren't careful.

This Brazil came from one particular organic farm and is all from the same varietal of coffee bush. It's the Yellow Catuai variety grown on the Gerezim Estate. (It is very uncommon to be able to get that much information and have an unblended coffee coming from Brazil). Originally we were only able to get 2 bags of it and were selfish and didn't sell any of it green. But then we got lucky and were offered more, and immediately snatched it up so that everyone can enjoy this Brazil.

US Arrival February 2017

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