Rwanda Kivu Lake

When we bring in Rwanda coffee, we try to find the chocolate-driven taste profile, with less acidity and less fruit. This one is the same washed process coffee that we had in November (that sold out in a week!), but it is a different lot. It is very similar, of course, but has a little bit more fruity taste than the last lot -- strong sweet chocolate up front that still has raisins and plum and apricot flavors dancing in the background. Juicy and complex. This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the INGOBOKA Cooperative which grow coffee around Kivu Lake, one of the African Great Lakes. This is in the Rutsiro district of Rwanda. INGOBOKA maintains a children’s school fund and a health insurance program to help the farmers with education and medical needs.

We roast this just like a nice medium roast Colombia, and we end the roast just before the 2nd cracks begin. There's a fairly large window of ending temperature in this area where you will get good results. Instead of being high acidity, thin bodied, and super fruity like other africans, this one is smoother, richer bodied, and a mellow blend of fruit and chocolate. Makes for a really nice medium roast mug of coffee.

US Arrival: December 2017