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Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Pearls

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You must hear the back-story on this tea to completely appreciate what you are drinking:

The youngest tender small leaves are plucked, and oxidized as green tea. Then Jasmine Blossoms are picked during the day when they are closed. The blossoms and the tea are put together overnight, and the blossoms open during the coolness of the night and infuse the tea leaves with jasmine essence. The blossoms are discarded, and the next day, new ones are picked. This process is repeated for 6 nights. The tea leaves are then carefully rolled by hand into balls ("pearls") so as to retain the scent of the jasmine. When you put the tea into hot water, the leaves unfold and dance in the water, letting out incredible floral aroma as you smell the steam rising out of your mug. The taste is of tender, high quality green tea, with a delicate sweet floral undertone. It is an experience that invokes all your senses, and everyone should try this tea at least once. It is also really nice when it is iced, and you can get 3 steepings out of each serving. The flavor grows stronger instead of weaker. Be careful not to use too hot of water, which will make the tea bitter.

Tasting Notes: Sweet floral, mildly grassy, soft, wonderfully aromatic.

Steep: 1.5 tsp of tea (about 20 pearls) for 8oz water. Water temperature: 175. Steep time 3 minutes. Sweetener: Not recommended

Approximately 14 tsp (225 pearls) in a 1 ounce package.