Roasting Guide

Panamas should be roasted half way between the end of the 1st cracks and beginning of 2nds.  If that has too much citrus or floral for your taste, you can take it almost into the 2nd cracks, but no further.  The nice estates do not come cheap.  With Panama, you typically get what you pay for.


A good Panama is comparable to an island coffee, and a Panama Gesha varietal green coffee commands $30 - $100 a pound but who can justify that? On the flip side, there is a LOT of mediocre Panama coffee on the market and very little of it is organic and it has little use other than to turn into flavored coffee.  Panama Boquette is the most common region and does not tell you anything about the taste simply by the name, as both some of the best estates and boring coffees all come out of Boquette.