Nicaragua Honey

This is the first time we've had a Pulped Natural (honey processed) Nicaraguan for sale.

It is from Finca Suspiro which is in a remote 4000 foot altitude section of reaches of the Matagalpa mountains. Suspira consists of only 10 acres and produces a low number of bags annualy, but of high quality coffee. They separate their bushes by different varietals and do not mix them with each other. So this one is 100% Orange Bourbon varietal which is a mutation of bourbon and ripens at an orange color. And then it has been honey processed by hand to make it sweeter and slightly fruity.

The coffee is nice to roast as a light roast and has tastes of citrusy and chocolatey undertones. Being a honey coffee, it's a little tricky to roast -- we struggled with it tasting both over roasted and under roasted at the same time, which means it needed more airflow and slower heat. If you roast this in small batches and keep the roast slowed down it is fantastic.

But drinking it as espresso is what really wows me. I'm roasting this to around 415 degrees bean temperature, which is right to the 2nd cracks. And then putting it through the espreso machine for a shot that is all crema, no bitterness, lots of brightness but not sour, lots of fruit (cascara flavored), and sweet lingering fruity aftertaste.

This is a spring 2016 crop coffee, but it arrived later then the rest of the Central American crop. US Arrival October 2016