Roasting Guide

Generally in lighter roasts, I find unbearable bright acidity paired with undesirable nutty flavor and thin body. At medium roasts I find unpleasant acidity and nothing special in the taste. And in French Roasts, it is simply a run-of-the-mill French Roast. My best result with Mexican coffee is a blend of dark Mexican – maybe 40 seconds of 2nd cracks – blended with Colombian taken right to the 2nd cracks.That gives you an interesting mix of roast level and taste profiles without being weird, and is a solid house blend. But with so many other origins to choose from, I have trouble spending much time on Mexico.  But a really nice fresh Mexican can be roasted just barely into 2nd cracks and stand alone.  


It is difficult for me to write about Mexican coffee, -- most Mexican coffee on the marketplace is cheap filler coffee and not characteristic of the best Mexican.  We usually will carry one or two really nice, really fresh ones when they arrive in late spring, and then not carry it the rest of the year.  Our favorite taste profile is a medium roast with hazelnut and chocolate undertones.