Roasting Guide

Malawi is well-suited for a medium roast.  We often roast it like a Colombia -- just a solid medium roast a few snaps into the 2nd cracks.  


An up-and-coming name in African coffee -- the best estate is Mapanga, and it is best only because England owns it and oversees it and insists on doing what it takes to produce high-quality coffee.  Other estates -- including those at higher altitudes and longitudes, are studying Mapanga's model for quality and taking steps to better themselves.  The most commonly seen FTO co-op is the Women's Mzuzu co-op, and they are established and able to produce well-sorted high quality coffee.   At this time the coffee coming out of Malawi is all washed-process and does not have that intense fruity undertone that you would get from a sundried Ethiopian.  A good Malawi is most similar in taste to neighboring Rwanda.