Kenya Kigutha

Kigutha Estate is a large 99 hectacre estate that grows SL-28 and Bourbon varietal coffees and processes it on site in state of the art facilities. It is owned by the Tropical Farm Management group which oversees humanitarian and environmental standards. Their coffee has won extensive awards around the world in the past decade, and they've been growing coffee since 1919. Fun fact: the wooden drying beds have to be rebuilt every harvest time because termites eat through them in a year.

This coffee is remarkable. Roast it light, keep it well out of the 2nd cracks. 25 seconds out of the 1st cracks is the farthest you would want to take it, but we are going a little bit lighter than that even. The initial taste is black currant, and as it cools in your mouth, it sweetens up and you pick up flavors of red wine, juicy plum, and blackberry. It has a great acidity brightness as the coffee cools. It's odd that when we are drinking it at 190 degrees it's not as enjoyable, but as it cools to 140 it becomes stellar. The finish is dry and sophisticated, leaving a great taste in your mouth. After drinking this, I have to pause for a moment and try to remember why we bother carrying anything other than Kenyans...

US Arrival: June 2017