Kenya Jungle

It was tough to find a Kenya with the taste profile and vast complexity we look for. This one is strictly SL-28 varietal beans, which are the hardest to grow but are the absolute best tasting Kenyans, and as a result, it tastes so complex. Almost a bubble gum aroma, there are so many fruity and juicy flavors mixing together. It has a full body, red wine, blackberry, orange, lime taste. The Jungle Estate has a long track record of churning out highly rated coffees, and it is environmentally conscious. It's under the Nyeri umbrella which is the closest thing to Fair Trade that Kenya has right now. We got it through La Minita which wouldn't put their name on it unless it was best of the best. 

I'm roasting it maybe 35 seconds past the end of 1st cracks on a drum roaster. Right around 400 degrees bean surface temp to get the sweet berries, red wine, hint of grains, tart citrus, dry and clean finish. It flashes between tart and sweet and grabs your attention the whole way through.

However, this bean also holds up nicely as a medium roast, I would recommend trying it right before the 2nd cracks start. And it also holds up nicely as a dark roast, I would give it 15-20 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks.

US Arrival June 2021