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Sulawesi Jaya Rantekarua Estate

Sulawesi Jaya Rantekarua Estate

Rantekarua Estate in Jaya is one of our favorite places to source our Sulawesi beans. Some of the best sorted, highest quality beans that the island has to offer. It has long been recognized as the premium coffee grown on the island of Sulawesi. Grown by the indigenous Toraja people at elevations between 1400 and 2000 meters above sea level. Just like must Sumatran coffee, it is wet-hulled (semi-washed) which is a processing that seems to preserve the beans well. It will keep for a couple years if you protect it from humidity.

At just into 2nd cracks, you get a full bodied coffee with mild spice (ginger? some orange / citrus fruit, and dark chocolate, cedar and clean aftertaste. Very nice. But I recommend that you let the smoke mingle in there for awhile, just really let it sit in the rolling 2nd cracks for a good 40+ seconds, and turn down your airflow -- this gives it fuller body and brings out a little bit more spice and chocolate. It is particularly nice as a manual pourover or french press. It is very much like a Sumatra, but less earthy and more complex. A lot of times Sulawesi is bitter in dark roasts, but this lot is not overly bitter at any level. You can take it 60+ seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks (and hopefully not set your garage on fire) to produce a nice oily Italian roast that tastes super dark without the carbon/ash notes. Is my favorite bean choice for Italian roast coffee.

US Arrival: October 2019

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