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Java Riunggunung

Java Riunggunung

Most of the Java Island coffee is grown on government estates on the East side of Java, but this is a private estate on the West side, which allows the coffee to be organic certified and rainforest alliance certified.

In a medium roast, it's nice but not particularly memorable. Just at 2nd cracks you have good body, sweet, smooth, a little chocolate, tangy citrus, nothing wrong here. You can blend with it, or drink it straight. But as a dark roast, it's a little more interesting. About 20 seconds of 2nd cracks and you have a molasses sweetness and a lot of black pepper spiciness and a whit chocolate creaminess. Still not bitter, no offensive flavors, very smooth, very thick body so its satisfying to drink. Not earthy like a Sumatra. No bitterness or burnt flavors until you hit about a minute of 2nd cracks. At that point, you're going to need some cream to mellow it out.

US Arrival March 2022

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