Java Kayumas

Java Kayumas

This is the second highest rated coffee from Java ever logged on CoffeeReview ( and it is certainly the most complex Java I've ever run into. Kayumas beans grow high in the mountains on a volcanic rim -- high altitude + lava soil = great beans. It is rare to find a Java that has complexity, so this one is pretty exciting with its spicy notes. In medium roasts you can taste earthiness, cloves, milk chocolate, black pepper, and cedar. In darker roasts you find earthiness, wintergreen, licorice, and forest. Let the smoke mingle with the beans as it roasts to really bring out some spicy smoky characteristics.

It makes a great mokka-java blend when you pair it 50-50 with the Ethiopian coffee of your choice.

Java tends to make great espresso or add depth to an espresso blend, and this one is no exception.

Java is great for blending in general, adding body to anything you blend it with. It also the first choice roasters turn to when Sumatran prices are high, because you can blend Java into Sumatra and cut your cost without hurting the taste.

You can French Roast this coffee as well, getting it all nice and shiny with oils but without the bitterness and ashy flavors that most origins would carry.

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