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Decaf Sumatra (EA Process)

Decaf Sumatra (EA Process)

The EA decaf process is a way of removing caffeine using naturally derived enzymes instead of chemicals. Ethyl Acetate is a compound found in sugarcane, and introducing this natural compound to the coffee eliminates 97% of the caffeine from it. It retains most of the flavor in the coffee, is cheaper than water process, but is still free of any chemicals.

You can roast it the same as you would any other Decaf Sumatra. I take it about 30 seconds into the second cracks to get that dark full bodied rich smooth mug of coffee. It has some sweetness and a little bit of earthiness to it, keeping that trademark Sumatra flavor and body. It's not as complex as regular Sumatra, but it hits the spot for an after dinner mug of decaf.


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