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Decaf Papua New Guinea

Decaf Papua New Guinea

This one turned out fantastic. They took a fresh lot of tropical fruit/buttery Papua New Guinea from the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It was decaffeinated at the Mountain Water Process plant and it barely tastes like a decaf coffee.

You can do a few different things with this bean. If you get it too light, it is a little savory and herbal, but that's pretty common with Papua New Guinea coffees -- either you like it or you don't. But at least 30 seconds out of 1st cracks is a good starting point for finding some sweetness, a juiciness, a buttery mouthfeel. Clean, crisp. You can also treat it like a Sumatra and give it 30+ seconds of 2nd cracks and get an awesome sweet dark decaf with nutty undertones. It has a thinner mouthfeel than with Sumatra, but it's an above average Decaf coffee. 

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