Honduras La Pena Microlot

Honduras La Pena Microlot

From the 15 hectare estate of producer Jorge Luis Melgar Garcia located in the San Sebastian district of the Lempira region in Honduras, this microlot coffee grown at 1800 meters altitude is fantastic this year! The coffee is harvested from January to April at peak ripeness only and is the single Catuai varietal.

We are seeing an abundance of Honduras Microlots this year and are excited about how seriously the quality in Honduras is improving. This washed process coffee is grown by a single estate and family. The farm has it's own wet-mill and was one of the highest scoring lots from the region.

This is an above-average Honduras. The milk chocolate, buttery, smooth body that Honduras is known for is all here. In light roasts, at the end of first cracks, you’ll find slight orange and peanut notes. Just as 2nd cracks start is my personal favorite — just a normal, creamy-smooth traditional clean cup of coffee with hints of plum, apple, caramel, almond. You can take it into rolling 2nd cracks where it’s bold and rich but not charcoal (in thanks to the high altitude it’s grown at).

Honduras coffee is a great value. It's slightly more complex than most Colombia coffee but still holds that traditional coffee flavor so as to not throw anyone off with exotic tastes.

US Arrival July 2021