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Central American

Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Kids Project

Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Kids Project

Since 2015, The Coffee Kids Project has reached more than 550 youth from Trifinio, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Colombia and helped make possible more than 170 youth-run local businesses. It educates, supports, and empowers orphaned and troubled youth and gives them education and purpose and housing and finances.

The coffee from this lot was grown in the Huehuetenango region which borders the Mexican Chiapas mountain range, so it’s grown at higher elevations than any other region in Guatemala.

It's such a well run program and good cause, we could have been talked into buying this coffee regardless, but in a blind cupping, we thought this was a really chocolatey Ethiopia. That's how fruity and sweet it tastes.  We are roasting it really lightly -- more like a Costa Rica than a Guatemala. About half way between 1st cracks ending and 2nd cracks beginning. I'm getting really strong chocolate taste, like a chocolate bar melting in your mouth. But it also has a berry flavor which I love. Hints of cherry and floral notes. It's got really good full and creamy mouthfeel. You can roast it to the 2nd cracks if you want to, and it's still really creamy and chocolatey, but you lose the fruity tastes. 

These beans are big and dense and take a lot of heat. 

USA Arrival May 2022

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