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Central American

Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Laureles

Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Laureles

The growing region of Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-tenango) is on the border of Mexico and is some of our favorite Central American coffee because of its chocolate and nutty tastes. This one is from the Los Laureles farm, which is a superior farm. The farmer has been investing his profits back into the farm -- new machinery, better varietals, better techniques. He asks the roasters who buy his coffee, to send him a bag of the roasts back to him so he can see how it ultimately tastes when it gets to market. He uses the feedback to continue to improve his coffee year after year.

When I roast it exactly 15 seconds past the first snap of the 2nd cracks, the grounds smell like brownie batter, and you get some almond and coconut notes in the flavor. It has a pleasant mouthfeel, and is satisfying to drink. I wouldn't take it much darker than that, but in slightly lighter roasts (not quite to 2nd cracks, for example), you get a little bit of fruity/winey tastes that complement it very nicely.

It's a little bit expensive for a Guatemala, but you get what you're paying for here. It's a really nice coffee.

US Arrival June 2023

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