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Central American

Guatemala Huehue. ASPROCDEGUA

Guatemala Huehue. ASPROCDEGUA

The growing region of Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-tenango) is on the border of Mexico and is some of our favorite Central American coffee because of its chocolate and nutty tastes. This one is from an organic certified co-op of 600 small farmers, who also grow oranges and guavas and avocados in addition to coffee.

This lot of Guatemala caught our attention in particular for two reasons. First is how creamy, silky smooth the mouthfeel is on it. Second, is the chocolate-nutty taste almost leans towards a pistachio flavor, which is really nice flavor to find in a coffee.

I roast it exactly 15 seconds past the first snap of the 2nd cracks. I wouldn't take it much darker than that because it will start to taste thin and ashy; but in slightly lighter roasts (not quite to 2nd cracks, for example), you get a little bit of fruity/winey tastes that complement it very nicely. However, you have to be careful taking it lighter as it is likely to taste grassy and vegetal if you don't get it pretty close to the 2nd cracks.

US Arrival May 2018

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