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Decaf Guatemala (EA Process)

Decaf Guatemala (EA Process)

The EA decaf process is a way of removing caffeine using naturally derived enzymes instead of chemicals. Ethyl Acetate is a compound found in sugarcane, and introducing this natural compound to the coffee eliminates 97% of the caffeine from it. It retains most of the flavor in the coffee.

Nutty undertones are the selling point on this one.   It comes from the Huehuetenango growing region, and I roast it on the dark side of medium. The cracks start sooner than you think, and I let them go a good 20 seconds, and even at that you get a hint of sour fruit, although you can see that as a positive or a negative based on your personal preference.  You can take it darker than that, but you start to get some bitterness. It is okay on its own, it can stand alone. But it lends itself very well to blending.  It can make a really nice half-caf blend when you pair it with a creamy light roast or an earthy dark roast. 

US Arrival August 2020


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