East Timor Ermera

East Timor Ermera

The hybrid of coffee grown in Timor has some robusta strains in it, and while it doesn't hurt the taste of their coffee, it does give it quite a bit extra caffeine. Actually, the quality of Timor beans has been improving year after year, and it's to the point where there are some cool undertones in the various microlots being sold now. This one is from Ermera growing region. This batch is from a particular village called Letefoho and boasts subtle undertones of cherry, caramel, chocolate (similar to a Colombia -- pretty much straight forward coffee, but slight pleasant undertones). We sometimes roast Timor coffee extremely dark like an Italian roast, but this one is a fully-washed process bean as opposed to being wet-hulled, and it does NOT hold up well in very dark roasts.

But in a Full City+ roast (a few snaps of 2nd cracks) it has a clean taste, sweetness, no earthy aftertaste. The full rich-bodied Indonesian flavor.

I find the wet-hulled Indonesians to be more complex and interesting, but with wet-hulled, you get the earthiness with it. So for coffee drinkers who tend to NOT like Indonesians, this might be right up your alley.

This particular group of farmers are certified organic.

US Arrival January 2017