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Brazil Sitio Posses

Brazil Sitio Posses

This natural processed microlot from Brazil makes a fantastic shot of espresso.  We roast it 15-20 seconds into the 2nd cracks (not as dark as our normal Brazil espresso roast) and end up with a shot of espresso that is chocolatey and creamy with tons of crema.  When made as espresso, it has a rich, thick mouthfeel with caramel, vanilla, bright fruit, slight nuttiness. Sweetness, but no bitterness.  You could drink 10 of these if you weren't careful. 

As coffee, we roasted it to the verge of second cracks and it was a very drinkable Brazilian coffee. It had a medium body, nutty undertones, chocolate notes, and low acidity. I don't personally care for Brazil coffee, but blended with some Colombia or Guatemala, it would be pretty nice. If you're looking for an affordable single estate bean for coffee or espresso, this is an inexpensive option to consider.

This Brazil came from one particular farm (Sitio Posses) in the Minas Gerais region. This is a single varietal Yellow Catuai bean.  It is a fully natural processed coffee. They dry it under the sun on long patios. This is a mircolot so there wasn't much of it to begin with and it's extremely fresh right now. This is the third year in a row that we've bought the harvest from this farm, and it is even better this year than last year. 

US Arrival: January 2023

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