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Ethiopia Natural Shakiso Mormora

Ethiopia Natural Shakiso Mormora

This is a natural (dry processed) coffee from the remote southern area of Ethiopia, below Yirgacheffe and Guji. Shakiso is the name of the village, and the coffee company organizing the farmers together is called Mormora. They have organic certification and have been in business for nine years.

This is a grade 1 sort, which is the highest level of sorting in Ethiopia's grading system. Roast this like you would any other natural process Ethiopia. This coffee tastes purple -- concord grape candy, blue raspberry, dark fruits like that. A degree or two on the lighter side gets your more lemon, and a degree or two on the darker side gets you more berry, and I really do enjoy the sweet and crisp fruitiness in this Ethiopia. It has a creamy milk chocolate aftertaste and sweetness and really makes it approachable and drinkable. Being a natural processed coffee, you shouldn't take this coffee into the 2nd cracks -- we don't get it anywhere close to that level.

It came into the USA in June 2020.

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