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Ethiopia Guji Mancity Outgrowers Natural

Ethiopia Guji Mancity Outgrowers Natural

The Guji Region is one of the most remote coffee regions, but also produces some of the most legendary coffees. The coffee was taken to the Shakiso mill which is the most organized processor in the region, with meticulous record keeping and quality control to give transparency to customers regarding the coffee being purchased. Small farms from all over the Guji region are welcome to bring their coffee to Shakiso to get it to the global market. 

This lot is of uncategorized heirloom varietals and it has a beautiful cranberry and brandy wine note beneath a slight bread-like flavor and lime/kiwi acidity. It's a Grade 2 instead of a Grade 1, but it's clean, juicy, sweet, roasts easily, and seems well sorted.  You want to roast this bean light in order to best enjoy them. You want to roast this like you would any other natural processed Ethiopia coffee and don't take it too far out of first cracks or give it too long of a roast.  

October 2022 arrival in USA.

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