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Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo (MC Process)

Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo (MC Process)

Granted, the coffee that gets sent to the decaffeination plants are often the coffees that were lower quality and not selling very well. So this never started out as a stellar Ethiopia, and now it's been through the decaffeination process, and that doesn't help matters.

If you've had any of my regular Ethiopian coffees before, this will disappoint you because it doesn't have the wide range of flavor and deep fruity complexity that you are expecting. But if you just want a mild sweet decaf coffee, then I think you'll be very happy with this! Roast it 20 seconds past the 1st cracks (for me, that's a bean temp of 404 degrees) and it is a smooth sweet really nice flavor, albeit no distinct undertones, it does have a sweet clean aftertaste and sweetens up blends. Just into the 2nd cracks (for me, that's a bean temp of 415) it is slightly less sweet, but has more body and is more satisfying as a single origin decaf. So anywhere in that range is going to work for you.

Here's what else you can do with it: Mix it 50-50 by weight with a dark roast decaf Sumatra. Let that Sumatra sweat in there for a good 20 seconds of 2nd cracks. Voila! You've got Decaf Mokka Java blend that is full bodied, full of flavor, sweet, and will appeal to just about anyone.

Ethiopia is also a crucial part of your Decaf Espresso; and it will add sweetness and brightness in a Central-America blend.

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