Winter on Lake Erie

We are forecasted to get 20 inches of snow overnight. There are 15 of us at Happy Mug these days. 8 are scheduled to come in tomorrow morning. 3 of those 8 have their car at the mechanic's shop right now. But the two company cars are good to go, and the other 5 of us have functioning cars with snow tires -- so between loaning out company cars and picking up others on our way in to work, we should all be able to get to work and get all your coffee orders out -- which admittedly will take some hustle -- it's looking like it will be one of the biggest sales days of the year. And we also have 14 local deliveries to make tomorrow, all of which will get delivered. And somehow FedEx and the Post Office will shrug off the snow and function as normal and pick up the shipping boxes.  Somehow the whole city of Erie will function as normal, not just us. When you live here, you have boots, gloves, snow scrapers, shovels, ice melt, hoodies, and LOTS of hot coffee. Here's to a good day on the shore of Lake Erie.
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