so it makes our landlord mad and it makes the local police department upset, but we never ever lock our doors. if you ordered coffee, you can come in the middle of the night and pick it up. i might be there, but i might not be. if you forgot to order, you can come help yourself and leave a few bucks on the counter and go on your merry way. in 10 years of not locking the doors, no one has ever stolen anything from us. our customers trust us, and we trust them. i hate locked doors.

the police have gone crazy, brought in canine dogs sniffing everything down, handcuffed me in the middle of the night because they didn't believe a business owner would be working in the middle of the night,  a couple of times they have searched the shop without a warrant, guns drawn. the roomba vacuum turned on and they got scared and just about shot it. they don't understand why a business would leave its doors unlocked. they have broken more laws and caused more problems than normal citizens ever will.

but seriously, if you need coffee so bad you're going to steal coffee from us, just take it. you need it worse than us. even if we are here, we're gonna give you coffee if you ask for coffee. we are chill. just need a cup? help yourself. you know where the water kettles and french presses are, do what you have to do.

chicago boy and boston man were incredulous. they said, literally you forget to lock your door for one night and the next morning 5 homeless people will be sleeping here and most of your stuff is on fire when you walk in. if we told someone you have a business that you leave unlocked no one would even believe it. i'm like yah, but that's why i live in rural pennsylvania.  people here have morals and love their neighbors. no one is gonna set my stuff on fire here. we are good humans. if you're homeless, i mean, there's the couch.

so yeah, we are different, and the police don't get it, and someday some time probably someone will abuse our trust and rob us, but the doors are open. there sure is a lot of coffee in the shop, and we're almost always there, but if we arent, come on in anyway. we trust you. honestly we just want you to get to drink really good coffee.

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  • Matt, (and staff), I so appreciate you and may God bless your business beyond belief Matt! 👍❤️🎯🇺🇸

    Crazy John

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