the rain falls - Happy Mug

the rain falls

all day and instantly freezes on

everything it touches. every twig
of every branch of every tree is
encapsulated in ice. icicles hang in
perfect symmetry from every patio
umbrella and table. a glaze of
ice coats every brick surface.
the world is white and delicate.

i walk in with bags of coffee and ask the
girl if she been outside today.
she says no it looks too cold out there.
i tell her to come outside
with a mug of coffee and i’ll
show her that coffee isn’t
just about taste, it’s about feeling
emotions —
there is an ice palace
if you pair an ice palace
with a sip of rwandan coffee
you will feel

she looks at me like i’m kidding.
so that’s how we play it and
it’s off to the next delivery.

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You really write beautifully. ❄


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