a new “lot” from sulawesi is in stock as of yesterday, and this lot is different, and arguably better than the last one. the last bag, i’m certain was a bait-and-switch. i had approved the sample, which had orange and mango undertones, but got sent 300 pounds of one that tasted like soap if you didn’t roast it just right. i got it tasting okay, but it wasn’t knocking my socks off. i’m happy to be done with that batch and on to a fresh one.

every “lot” of coffee from a farm tastes a little different from the one before it, and there’s a long list of logical reasons for this, and the list gets longer the further you are from civilization. sulawesi’s mountains are about as wild as it gets (the people there don’t even have a written language). this lot was harvested later in the season, was rated higher, and was more expensive, but it’s very exciting. i’m still roasting and playing with it, but the predominant flavor in the coffee is………BLACK PEPPER! i can’t stop drinking it; i think it’s the neatest thing.

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