shipping delays

the shipping industry really hasn't recovered from the holidays yet and is seemingly getting more and more backed up.

between snowstorms and COVID, FedEx broke in February. Every single FedEx express package goes through Memphis, but Memphis lost power and water, and tens of millions of packages piled up for an entire week. They started sending them to FedEx non-express stations, and those got so backed up that now every FedEx package is over a week late.

USPS is doing only slightly better. They took a really bad hit in Texas from the snowstorm, and they keep shutting down sorting stations all over the country when there's a positive COVID test. Most USPS packages are taking between 5 and 9 days, but some are more than two weeks.

obviously this is frustrating for everyone. i mean, it's frustrating for us too. none of our incoming supplies are arriving on time either, just like none of our outgoing packages are being delivered. and its not just mail delivery failing -- even the trucking industry is breaking. it used to take 2 days to get pallets of coffee after it arrived at port. it is now taking a week to get through customs, a week to get unloaded at the warehouse, several more days before a semi truck has room to pick it up, and several more days before someone drives out to deliver it. the lag time is unreal.

and it's not just the usa. coffee that used to ship in january from other countries is still sitting at ports waiting for an empty container to be shipped in. and then the containers stack up waiting for an empty ship to get loaded on. many coffees we were expecting to ARRIVE in february here, haven't even made it to sea yet.

it's just how the world is right now. order ahead. we are shipping everything immediately, but it is extremely unlikely that you will receive it on time.

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