Our mission at happy mug is to bring the most amazing top shelf coffees from around the world to ordinary people in the least pretentious way possible. We try not to use vocabulary that the average person won't understand. We try to keep coffee fun and approachable -- it's not a special club, it's coffee. It brings us all together. It's for everyone.It doesn't have to be $20 a pound. Let's sell it at a price where most people can afford to brew it up and make their day better. Let's pick out incredible microlots and send it out fresh and blow people's minds.

After 10 years of educating people about coffee and bringing amazing coffee to ordinary people, my biggest pet peeve is the pretentious customers who complain about a coffee before they have even tasted it!!!  They will complain because it was a few days later arriving than they expected. They will complain because the label has a slightly different roast level indicator on it. They will complain because the packaging changed. They will complain because it didn't cost as much as they thought it should have (this is shockingly common. dude, if you want to overpay greedy people for your coffee do it, but don't smack us for selling it at a fair price).

I'm happy to have a conversation about a coffee with anyone, but it's impossible to have that conversation when the customer hasn't even tried tasting the coffee yet! I don't care if you are complaining to us, or about some other coffee company, or even non-related to coffee -- do not ever complain about a product that you haven't even tried. It's probably the most privileged pretentious thing that a person can do.

Pick out a coffee, brew it, taste it, hopefully enjoy it thoroughly. Hopefully make that moment of your day something you look forward to and enjoy. If it's disappointing, sure, have a conversation with us. But we are reasonable normal people, and we expect you to be as well. Don't complain about something you haven't even tried.




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