pink bourbon coffee

pink bourbon could be a whiskey endorsed by machine gun kelly, but it's actually a varietal of coffee shrubs, a hybrid of red bourbon and yellow bourbon. (not pronounced burr-bun like the whiskey -- it is pronounced bore-bone). Being a hybrid of yellow bourbon and red bourbon, you can't transplant it or graft it, you have to plant it from seed, wait three years, finally it produces fruit -- but not much fruit. picking it is hard because when it is ripe it is pink. usually when coffee is ripe it is red. usually when coffee is pink, it isn't ripe yet.

have you ever grown green peppers, and wondered if the peppers were ripe yet? they are green when they aren't ripe yet, and they are green when they are ripe, but if you pick them too soon they taste bad. it's hard to know when to pick them.

very, very few farmers mess around with pink bourbon coffee. you need a crazy farmer who loves experimenting and loves farming and loves coffee. when you find a pink bourbon coffee, it tastes incredible. it wins awards. it sells out immediately. we've only had one once before -- it was from el salvador -- we saved it for christmas and sold it as a christmas morning coffee. well we just got our second one. it's from colombia. it tastes nothing like a colombia though. it's complex, sweet, citrus, floral, berries, everything you ever hoped a coffee could be.

we're putting it in 4 ounce bags so everyone who wants to try it gets a chance to taste it. its a little more money but i would argue that it is worth the experience. a lot of love went into this one.

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