Our Current Team

Matt – his customer service background in coffee shops and grocery stores has built an attitude of exceeding expectations of every customer — a passion for perfection in every package that leaves this shop.  when a customer opens up an order it should feel as if they are opening a christmas gift.  favorite brew method: french press  desert island coffee: sumatra (but there is no denying his weakness for fruity natural ethiopians and the elusive yemen mokka)

Stacy – teaches anthropology at the local university and has lived in peru, so she knows the life and culture of where coffee is grown.  she works in every department as needed, and she is also our in-house tea expert and keeps the shop organized. most savored coffee: india  favorite teas: earl greys and pu-erhs

Miles – has a doctorate in chiropractic care and a background working with motors and mechanics.  his appreciation for top-shelf bourbon translates into a talent for blending and evaluating quality espresso, and he is our in-house forklift operator and equipment specialist.  most satisfying coffee: sulawesi island   most consumed tea: lemon-mint-ginger

Jason – has a master’s degree in library science and also works on a farm.  he is the newest addition to the team and brings a background of home-roasting. he hopes to use design and photography talents to help our branding. his creative experimentation contributes fresh ideas and opinions to tasting, selecting, roasting, and blending.  favorite hot drink: oolong chai latte

Darlene – (or “matt’s mom”) has a nursing license and handles our paperwork and accounting and some deliveries.  homemade biscotti and cookies show up when she’s been around.  she is our kenya coffee taste expert, but also handles quality-control of the decaf coffees.   favorite espresso drink: vanilla soy latte  favorite tea: chocolate mint

we have many friends who contribute to tasting notes, special events, technology, and deliveries.  we listen to everyone who has ideas, criticisms, and complements about what we do, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have something you’d like to talk to us about.  between all of us, we can get you the right answer.

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Hi Matt,

I am Camila Topke, owner of Finca Santa Margarita in Guatemala. You have bought my coffee before, so wanted to say hi and offer a sample for the 2024 harvest. Let me know where I can send it. Looking forward!

Camila Topke

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