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We've always let local customers get 10% off their order by using coupon code pickup10 and it's because it saves us the labor of packaging it into boxes, the cost of the box, the cost of shipping it -- we actually save more than 10% when you pick it up, but it's a gesture of splitting the difference.

There's a browser add on called Honey that tries to find you coupon codes and they got ahold of our pickup10 code and now people try to use it even though they aren't picking up their order. We asked Honey to remove it, but they haven't, but the discount is only good if you're coming here to pick up your order. If you want us to ship it, then you have to pay the normal price. If you use the coupon code but want us to ship it, then we have to send  you to a payment link to pay back the discounted amount, and it's going to delay your order from shipping out. We only charge you $3 for shipping, but it costs us an average of $8.38. There's no room to discount the order if we are paying the shipping.

But i mean...even though you weren't PLANNING to visit us, you used the code, you got a discount. Road trip! Your order is sitting here by the door, and we'll show you how coffee gets roasted, we'll brew up 6 fresh roasts, less than 2 hours out of the roaster. Give you some swag. Some sneak preview sample coffees we are thinking of selling. You get to meet the humans who draw little pictures on your invoice and tell you thank you. You get to see where all the magic happens. I mean, it's not convenient to come to downtown Erie and find us but you'll never forget us. It's like the coffee version of Willy Wonka.

But if you're not going to come here and pick up your coffee and you need us to pay postage to ship it to you, then you need to pay our regular price (bro, we make like a dollar per order, we aren't ripping you off. Every order is priced at the cost that lets us stay in business without becoming rich from it). If you try to use the pickup code without a plan to pick it up, it's going to slow everything down. But I mean you only live once. Use the code and come take a tour.




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If I’m ever in Erie, I’ll definitely stop by. Also, no worries about the coupon code as I don’t mind paying the small shipping charge on quality, freshly roasted beans, that are pretty inexpensive to begin with, and can reach me in about 2 days or less (I’m in VA) via snail mail! Thanks for providing this great service!

Justin Sykes

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