Job Opening

Happy Mug Coffee - - 220 W Plum St STE 750 Edinboro PA 16412

We are looking for someone who wants to learn all aspects of our company and help lead us into our next phase of growth. If interested, please send us a introduction letter and resume!



To package and roast coffee, fill shipping boxes, maintain customer relations, and co-manage all aspects of a coffee production facility.


  • Package unroasted coffee and roasted coffee to fill orders
  • Operate computer software, including Excel, Word, Quickbooks, photo editing, shipping software, and website platforms
  • Operate coffee roasters; track,understand, and create roasting profiles
  • Taste coffee for quality control
  • Roaster maintenance and repair
  • Forklift use to load and unload trucks
  • Customer service via email, phone, and in person
  • Solve problems that arise on the production floor
  • Clean and organize equipment, production area, and inventory area
  • Develop and maintain relationships with suppliers
  • Other duties as assigned


Constant standing with very repetitive motions. Hot conditions in summer. High noise levels and fast paced environment. Must be able to lift 70 LBS properly. Must be able to move 150LB coffee bags with hand dolly. Must be flexible with hours and be willing to work overtime and weekends.


A passion for coffee. Must have a clean driver’s license and passport and be able to travel. Must have strong math skills. Must be innovative, willing to try new things and innovate new procedures and products in an often changing environment. Must be able to pay attention to detail so orders are filled correctly. Must be willing to complete any tasks needed with limited supervision. Must be gregarious, willing to work with others and sometimes lead others on projects. Mechanical skills a plus.


Employees are based in a warehouse environment and spend the majority of time at work in that environment. But will also spend a significant amount of time in the office environment and sometimes deliveries and sales calls.


  • 3 to 6 months of probationary period where we teach you about unroasted coffee, roasting coffee, distribution, equipment operation, and our business principles; followed by a possible full-time offer.
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