Italian Roast - Happy Mug

Italian Roast

the coffee bites my tongue,
snapping me out of my groggy
daydream. it is my medicine, my
cure for apathy, lethargy, and
with every sip of this dark,
smarting coffee, i get
more restless.
it’s time to go to work. to
help someone. to live, and
with a bitter taste in my mouth, i
jump up, begin to change my clothes.
tonight, i’ll discover a half-full
mug of cold coffee sitting
next to the couch.
Italian Roast is the darkest coffee we’ve ever sold. It launches next week on a trial basis –
find it at Wellness Cafe in Warren, Polly’s Market in Tidioute, and the Markethouse in Meadville.
If you like it, let us know!
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