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Honduras Cupping

Last week we attended a coffee cupping at Royal Coffee NY at their beautiful showroom and Coffee Lab in New Jersey. It was fun to sit at the giant cupping table, see the warehouse full of unroasted coffee, and try a shot from their gorgeous Sandremo espresso machine.

A coffee cupping is an elaborate way to try and compare multiple coffees side by side.  At this one, we were tasting 30 different small lots from Costa Rica and Honduras to pick out the very best one for all of our customers! It was basically a sneak preview of this year's harvest before they were offered to sale for everyone.  Each coffee at the cupping table is sampled 4 different times to ensure consistency and to give the opportunity to smell and taste it accurately.  That's 120 sips of coffee!

NYC Cupping

We picked the Honduras Mansapa as the very best coffee. A lot of roasters here wanted to buy it, so we didn't get as much of it as we wanted, but at least we got some!  It’s intensely juicy with a very full body complimented with strong notes of blackberry and sweet aromatics.  We should have it here and for sale within a couple of weeks!

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