holiday coffees

we always hold back really special coffees for december and we have some wowzers.

a set of four different bourbon varietal colombian coffees. each recognizable as colombian but also recognizable as their distinct varietal.

an el salvador honey process coffee aged in a 10 year bourbon whiskey barrel.

flavored gingersnap cookie, maple bourbon, peppermint mocha, cordial cherry.

ethiopian coffees bursting with sweet fruit flavors.

a sundried papua new guinea coffee with fascinating strawberry rhubarb flavor

a kenya that tastes like mango.

a sumatra that tastes like grapefruit and sweet cedar.

a guatemala with plum and brown sugar notes.

a three year aged sumatra that we've been planning and they even put our name on the burlap bag, its rich and intense, like an aged cheese, an aged whiskey. our christmas blend is a must try experience.

tanzania with amazing sweetness and melon and green tea notes.

our employees all take a bag of coffee home every week but all of them have been stumped this week. so many good choices. i dont know how you're going to pick but there are no wrong choices.





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