Growing Pains

we are moving! the construction is happening beginning today.

we have found a space about 50 miles away that will provide twice the inventory space without increasing our overhead costs, so you can expect the same low prices, but more variety and more backstock of each variety.  (each of those squares with a circle in it represents a pallet of 10 bags of coffee…with potential space for at least 15 pallets, that is  20,000 pounds of coffee.  And with a 20 foot ceiling, vertical expansion is also possible if needed down the road.)

for the next few weeks, the transition may cause problems. in anticipation of the move, we have been letting inventory run low, and we are already starting to run out of some varieties.

thank you for bearing with our growing pains this month. we are hoping for a summer heat wave so that no one drinks much coffee for a few weeks… (how about a glass of iced tea today?) we may have to be creative with substitutions or referring you to other suppliers/roasters for certain coffees. but when the dust settles, it will all be worth it.

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