Free Ginger Tea

we have several feet of snow on the ground and some of the coldest temperatures i’ve ever seen in my lifetime. i want you to think about how cold air has to be in order for water to freeze… ok? our current temperature of negative 18 degrees means that the air is currently 50 degrees colder than ice. mind boggling. we didn’t know what to do with all this snow, so we built a 12 foot tall snowman. while we were doing it, we drank a lot of ginger tea to keep warm and healthy. i want you to go play in the snow as well. add a free ounce of ginger tea to your next order right here it’s enough to make 10 cups of tea, so drink up and go have fun. the promotion will last at least through the weekend, and maybe into next week if there’s still some left. the link will stop working when we run out. ginger is respected for its possible help with immunity, reducing inflammation, helping digestion, relief of nausea, and warm spicy flavor. i personally like to add a small amount of local honey or organic sugar to soften the spiciness, but it makes a good mug of tea even without sweetener.
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