everyone knew ethiopia halo bariti was going to win this weekend, and indeed, it won by double digits over every other candidate; but the race for second place proved to be close. pollsters were predicting outdoorsy sumatra (who was the establishment favorite), but in the end, kenya chomo earned the win, with ethiopia konga just a pound behind. kenya had done some advertising going into the weekend, and that paid off big. its policies of being sweet with strong winey, juicy flavor is making people pay attention. the ethiopia konga, which placed third, seems to be picking up supporters based on the popularity of halo bariti, but provides an option for people who want something a little less sweet and sugar coated.
frustrated that none of the candidates can seem to put a dent into the popularity of ethiopia halo bariti, ecuador has announced that is entering the race this week. it aims to give voters a non-mainstream, south american option that will blow them away with complexity, flavor, sweetness, aroma, body, and acidity — a strong candidate, with the whole package to offer, but will people notice? adventurous new guinea, which had previously suspended its campaign after seeing its popularity slowly decline earlier this year, has announced it will jump back into the fray, seeing an opening for a light roast indonesian candidate on the ballot.
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