meet our employee david. he is david, not dave. when we hired a second guy named david he agreed to fight him in the parking lot to see who would get to be called david, and now the second guy is called by his last name and our first david is still david.

david is homeschooled, sometimes he roasts for us, sometimes he packs roasted coffee, sometimes he packs green coffee. he loves tea. he tastes coffee and isn't afraid to tell me that it doesn't taste good enough to send out to customers. we put it in a tote on the shelf of shame and try again. one time david caught coffee beans on fire and we threw them in the lake and he roasted them again and they came out right. david has confidence and persistence. david hasn't decided if he will go to college or if he will start a business or what he's going to do, but right now we are happy to have him helping us get good coffee out the door. david got his driver's license this year and bought a jeep and he loves komodo dragons so he has a Flores Island coffee bag hanging in his room.

david also grew up with a love for pirates so his favorite football team is the tampa bay buccaneers. they weren't supposed to win last week, but they did. their odds were 4 to 1 against the packers tonight, but they won again. i don't know anything about football, but i love a good underdog, and i love a good story, so im in. buccaneers for the superball win!

magic and possibility and good vibes are in the air. you want to order coffee this week. we are thinking positive thoughts and making sure the coffee matches the mood. we're driving into work in a jeep, head held high, making sure the coffee and tea are perfect, songs blasting, confidence rolling, hoping for magic.

if you disagree, david will meet you in the parking lot.

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