Coffee Subscriptions

We have a coffee subscription called Roasters Choice A and Roasters Choice B where we send you our very favorite coffees that week with a card telling the story of the coffee. Plan A is light to medium roasts, Plan B is medium to dark roasts. Our very favorite subscribers get both of them. But overall, A is more popular than B.

For the past year, the subscription hasn't worked very well. It didn't work with Shop Pay, or Amazon Pay or Apple Pay. Sometimes it didn't work for unknown reasons.

We just upgraded the software, and it works again! Now you can even add extra products to your upcoming delivery, pause, skip, control everything from your account on our website.

We have 1800 subscribers and weren't trying to get more, but now that the software streamlined we can handle more. There are comparable coffee box...metric.  for sure look into them, and then realize we are 40% cheaper and arguably higher quality and more transparent. We make roughly $1 per order. We run on volume and passion, not profit margin and marketing/overhead expenses. But goodness our coffee is amazing. The subscription coffees are what we're drinking that week at our shop. We want to share it with you but not be greedy or pretentious about it.

On weekends you can subscribe to our other regular roasts and blends --- espresso, bear blend, Guatemala, Sumatra, year round staples. Save some money if you like one of our regular roasts.

Our subscribers get priority over all other customers. During COVID, we would get overwhelmed and have to shut down the website but we never missed a subscription shipment. When we moved into a bigger warehouse last year and had to shut down for a couple weeks, we had our smallest coffee roaster hooked up churning out subscription coffee even though we didn't have capacity for everyone else.

Roaster's choice A and B are for the adventurous coffee connoisseurs wanting to try microlot coffees from all over the world. They are our gems and we are the best kept secret in specialty coffee. We've had 13 straight years of sales growth, but we're still tiny compared to the brands you've heard of before. We can buy a microlot as little as 9 bags and run it as a subscription coffee, send you the name of the farmer who grew it and a picture of the farm and a blurb of the good that's happening from you buying it. The big companies can't touch lots that small. Try not to spread the word because if we grow too much more we'll lose our competitive advantage.

Nah. As long as I'm in charge I'll never let that happen. We will send you the best coffee you've ever tasted in your entire life and helping other humans in the process. And we will keep doing it.




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