We've been hearing stories of farmers throwing alien objects in with the coffee while it is fermenting. Pineapples. Lemons. Peaches. Chili Peppers. It's an intriguing idea. Do you hate the idea because you're a purist and just want to know what the pure coffee tasted like? Do you love the idea because you push the edges of life and want to know what's possible in the world of coffee?

We got the chance to buy a coffee that was fermented along with passion fruit. The unroasted coffee smells like a smoothie. The roasted coffee tastes like passion fruit. It's fascinating. We have it for sale in 4 ounce bags right now, and, I've never liked passion fruit, so it's a miss for me. But I do feel like this could be the future of coffee. What if you find an economically cheap fruit like grapes or cherries, and you throw it in with 100's of tons of robusta coffee, and what if it tastes wonderful?

Passion fruit might not be the future, but I feel like something is. Chili peppers intrigues me for sure. But what else? Oranges? That could be delicious. Pumpkins? I don't know, maybe. What about something like peppercorn? Or cinnamon? What about figs?

Three years ago no one knew about co-fermentation, but anaerobic process was the buzz. Three years before that, honey process was the buzz. 10 years ago, Ethiopia came out with a natural process coffee and it blew everyone away. The world of coffee is progressive and always evolving, and we love being on the edge of it. Try 4 ounces of passion fruit co-fermentation and let us know what you think!

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