Best Seller Lists For 2013

i just ran a report that shows the best selling products on the website so far in 2013.  this list doesn’t include any wholesale orders — it only counts retail sales that were processed through the website.  but with 1,021 website orders received so far this year, that’s still a fairly reliable pool of data to consider.

roasted coffee:

# 1 seller:  outdoorsy sumatra
2- decaf sumatra
3- strong and gentle bear blend
4- renegade guatemala
5- balanced costa rica

flavored coffee

#1 best seller – winter grogg
2- jamaican paradise
3- hazelnut
4- caramel latte
5- almond


#1 seller: breakfast tea (sumatra)
2- berry black (guatemala)
3- dragonwell (china)
4- berry basket (herbal)
5-golden bud (china)

green unroasted coffee:

#1 best seller: sumatra mandheling
2- costa rica la minita
3- peru cafe succhia
4- uganda bugisu
5- guatemala huehuetenango

my personal top 7 favorite coffees right now:

kenya kiangombe
ethiopia amaro
sumatra mandheling (outdoorsy sumatra)
costa rica la minita
ethiopia yirgacheffe natural
tanzania peaberry mt. kilamanjaro (extroverted tanzania)
india pambadampara estate

my personal top 7 favorite hot teas right now:

red chai
jasmine pearls
grand keemun
chocolate coconut
rose heart

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