America's Birthday

So we get an average of 10 orders an hour. One order every 6 minutes.

We just went from 9:16 pm to 10:53 pm without one single order. I was like, did our website break? I was refreshing all the pages, testing the site. It didn't break though. Normally this would be scary, but I'm happy. Really weird bar chart of orders where it just dies for two hours.

It's because you all were out watching fireworks, celebrating being an American, enjoying freedom and the good life, laying the hammock, making a fire, loving life.

Edinboro smells like fireworks smoke and we're all patriotic right now.

Best country in the world. Be proud, be loud. Happy Fourth of July.

For the handful of you who did need coffee, we'll be in the shop in the morning and get you set up. No pickups until Tuesday, but we've got your back.



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Let’s go America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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