400,000 orders

just a moment of wonderment,
when order 400,000 printed out
we stared for a minute and then were like,
"well he's going to need a pen and some stickers."

it's more than 400,000. the
first website had a couple thousand
orders on it and the data didn't get
transferred over, and a decade of wholesale orders
don't get counted towards website orders,
so it's way more than 400,000,
but think about 400,000 boxes.
think about 400,000 address labels.
even 400,000 pieces of paper to print
all of those invoices on.
all the mail carriers delivering all
of those boxes all over the world.

and even now, we're roasting
1000 pounds a day, that's
15,000 mugs of coffee a day,
that's so many moving parts and
so many cause and effects
happening in real time.

thank you so much for your support.
we love getting to come in each day to
drink coffee, roast coffee, package coffee,
send our favorite ones out to you,
hoping it makes your day better,
getting you through rough days,
happy days,
all the days.

you keep us in business and we
wouldn't be here without you.
so thank you.


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